19th March – 23rd March

Day 1

The first day at Furtherfield involved getting an idea behind the theme of e-waste and how the final performance would take place within the gallery space.  We were then introduced to Upstages on-line chat feed which would be used to communicate to the on-line viewers of the exhibition. Not only did this allow people to view the performance live via a webcam, but also allowed them to participate in the event by posting comments regarding the topic of e-waste.

IMG-20130319-WA0004      chat

After gaining an idea of how the Upstage chat feed worked, we began creating backdrops and avatar graphics that could be used during the show.

The next step was to brainstorm ideas of what to show in the performance and how we could use the space to its full potential. This included image projections, physical forms of electronic components, a mock version of pass the parcel and a diagram showing the journey of e-waste.

IMG-20130319-WA0000  2013-03-21 15.03.04 IMG-20130319-WA0001

Day 2

While discussing what people could bring in to include within the show, I offered a range of photographs I had previously taken which focussed on the issue of not recycling and filling landfill with unnecessary items.

Images for Performance

I also offered to use my HD webcam as a separate video stream that can be used within the performance so that a larger range was covered for the on-line viewers.

Over the next few days, the company Bright Sparks allowed us to use a range of electronic items within the performance. These were used to create different styles of installations around the concept of today’s/tomorrows e-waste. For example, one room was decorated in nothing but old computer parts.

IMG-20130322-WA0001  IMG-20130322-WA0004

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Day 3

Discussing how we could use this room as another live video streaming area during the performance, I decided to bring my webcam in and started looking at the procedure of connecting to an on-line sever which will then be imported into Upstages chat feed.

2013-03-21 17.24.58 2013-03-21 17.28.25
0gBFhi-GoSc3VQsefWGRPcpsfDIK6iDC9GG5oydmX-M cuPPAS6G9SkfKiuxK_kOLWPJj4GsBSKHE_BvHKaKwgQ

This also tied in with live streaming a reading by fellow student Amelia who volunteered to quote a section explaining the issues of businesses,  companies and even us as consumers not knowing  where our recycling  ends up once its out of our hands.

Day 4

On the day of the final performance I made sure that I arrived at Furtherfield early to set up the webcam stream as well as include my photographs within a slideshow that would be playing during the performance.

P2vknkza07GqO92PohgIWgstCH_4rVo7ghSs6Us9V48,G2HQD7P3mzBGnYUZ-tz0dUiay9MNI9JDr0hb5dMhF7s arHZep7S_ftpfHAee_WUSwuH-EY3FSwJ7FHx2-snBzc,0f1qSQOEYrSqS8ix9iuOzMVnSNdLPr2m0Y-z-gHDJOI

Test stream before performance


Sadly, due to a technical fault we were unable to have a separate stream running during the live performance and had to rely on a wireless webcam to document the entire show.

2013-03-23 14.45.20 2013-03-23 14.45.36

With this happening within minutes of people arriving, I decided to show people around the space and helped operate the slideshow.


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