New Idea

Looking at the different viewpoints in which an image can be taken from, I decided to try photographing my images from a first person view while having the subjects hands visible within the shot.

I began looking at photographers who have captured this style of imagery such as: Andrea Di Gioia and Maggs Vibo.


(Andrea Di Gioia)

Documenting from this point of view is also very popular within films such as ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘Diving Bell and the Butterfly’.



Knowing how I was going to capture my images, I needed a strong and interesting idea. Contemplating a list of various themes I came up with the perception of documenting a range of unexplained events all from a first person perspective. With this new theme I began trying my first idea of the concept of murder.


Looking at the outcomes of these images, I’m really looking forward to  exploring this theme of unexplained events. I will also improve my technique by photographing my images from an over the shoulder angle.

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