More Cinemagraphs/Ideas

When thinking of an idea within the chosen theme of ‘The Unexplainable’ I started to think of  the term unexplainable, questioning what it actually meant and the ways artists have shown this.

My initial idea came to mind after a presentation from Andrew Logan in which I began to start looking at things that have been explained scientifically, but still had an element of the unexplainable attached to them. This got me thinking about how the body works and more to the point, why it works. Why are we designed to survive when it can be questioned that human life is an outcome by pure coincidence.

This led to me trying my first idea of recreating the way in which skin heals. I started experimenting with using fruit as a metaphor for the body, cutting into it then reversing the footage back reforming into one piece.



Looking at the results I think I prefer the second outcome due to the close up angle and more fleshlier texture of the inside, including the oozing liquid which could symbolize blood.

I will continue to practice with these types of images while also experimenting with different ideas.

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