Ipad Application

The next step in this module was to create an interactive Ipad application that presented the newly created moving still images, including a menu function and a title screen explaining the meaning and logic behind the project as a whole.

Here are some print screens of the application in the draft stage being tested on the Ipad.


Menu with GIF selection screen.


Actual GIF screen.

With the testing being successful, I decided to go forward and start designing the Ipad application to my specification. Here are some print screens  of the completed application.


Introduction (Title)


Description of project


Menu (GIF selection)


Actual GIF screen

End Conclusion 

Reflecting on my project as a whole, I have achieved what I originally intended to do from the start by documenting the London Riots and make viewers respond positively to society establishment, showing that if people help one another you can overcome even the biggest forms of adversity.