Ipad Application

The next step in this module was to create an interactive Ipad application that presented the newly created moving still images, including a menu function and a title screen explaining the meaning and logic behind the project as a whole.

Here are some print screens of the application in the draft stage being tested on the Ipad.


Menu with GIF selection screen.


Actual GIF screen.

With the testing being successful, I decided to go forward and start designing the Ipad application to my specification. Here are some print screens  of the completed application.


Introduction (Title)


Description of project


Menu (GIF selection)


Actual GIF screen

End Conclusion 

Reflecting on my project as a whole, I have achieved what I originally intended to do from the start by documenting the London Riots and make viewers respond positively to society establishment, showing that if people help one another you can overcome even the biggest forms of adversity.

Final Idea Choice

After discussing my ideas with my tutor we both decided that  the strongest image from my selection was indeed my take on the London Riots.  This would tie in with the unexplained with ‘why did  the riots really start in the first place?’.  The who and  why are still questionable to this day.

With this logic, I decided to go forward and start making gifs with different models for my project. Here is an example with a pulled back shot to show how I actually achieved this.



New Idea

Looking at the different viewpoints in which an image can be taken from, I decided to try photographing my images from a first person view while having the subjects hands visible within the shot.

I began looking at photographers who have captured this style of imagery such as: Andrea Di Gioia and Maggs Vibo.


(Andrea Di Gioia)

Documenting from this point of view is also very popular within films such as ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘Diving Bell and the Butterfly’.



Knowing how I was going to capture my images, I needed a strong and interesting idea. Contemplating a list of various themes I came up with the perception of documenting a range of unexplained events all from a first person perspective. With this new theme I began trying my first idea of the concept of murder.


Looking at the outcomes of these images, I’m really looking forward to  exploring this theme of unexplained events. I will also improve my technique by photographing my images from an over the shoulder angle.

More Cinemagraphs/Ideas

When thinking of an idea within the chosen theme of ‘The Unexplainable’ I started to think of  the term unexplainable, questioning what it actually meant and the ways artists have shown this.

My initial idea came to mind after a presentation from Andrew Logan in which I began to start looking at things that have been explained scientifically, but still had an element of the unexplainable attached to them. This got me thinking about how the body works and more to the point, why it works. Why are we designed to survive when it can be questioned that human life is an outcome by pure coincidence.

This led to me trying my first idea of recreating the way in which skin heals. I started experimenting with using fruit as a metaphor for the body, cutting into it then reversing the footage back reforming into one piece.



Looking at the results I think I prefer the second outcome due to the close up angle and more fleshlier texture of the inside, including the oozing liquid which could symbolize blood.

I will continue to practice with these types of images while also experimenting with different ideas.

London Riots

While looking into re-creation style photography I was extremely inspired by Tess Hurrell’s  ‘Chaology series, paying extra attention to the use of materials and how they were applied to represent photographed explosions through history.


Using this method, I started to reflect on events that have happened within my lifetime and how they affected me.  This  reminded me of the 2011 London Riots and how out of hand the situation got.


After much thought and practice I constructed the following image using a model of a London Bus.

BusAlthough this specific image does not relate to the theme behind the module ‘The Moving Still’  I have gained practice in making GIF’S and have an interesting project I can continue with in the future.